President Pinto engages with the campus and local community in many ways. What you will see here is his engagement for the 2018-2019 Academic Year broken up by events held, mailings and gifts/treats sent.


President Pinto attended 219 events/visits during the 18-19 Academic Year. Campus and community wide events are considered events that have multiple levels of campus attendance as well as community engagement attendance. Campus wide events include faculty, staff and/or students.

Engagement By Group Type

[mk_custom_list title=”Notable Events”]

  • IUC Day at the Statehouse (Government Relations)
  • Commencement Ceremonies – 8 (Campus and Community Wide)
  • Basketball Games – 13 (Campus and Community Wide)
  • Bicentennial Events – 9 (Campus and Community Wide)
  • Donor Relations in Chicago, Naples, Ft. Meyers, NYC, Columbus, Memphis, Egypt, Israel (Donor Relations)


Over 18-19 AY President Pinto engaged with the campus and community through small tokens of appreciation. He touched over ____ individuals by sending small gifts.